The 5 Best Drum Rugs and Mats – Our Pick


Believe it or not, drum rugs are often overlooked at a gig. Here is a quick scenario; the drum kit is set up brilliantly with gleaming cymbals and polished drumsticks. You have tested the sounds a million of times and you are absolutely confident it is going to be a picture-perfect performance. As you begin to play the drums, you can feel your bass drum moving and you lose focus. It all goes down the drain.

What could be the reason? We have the answer: the missing drum rugs!

Drum rugs are not merely for decor purposes. While they do complete the entire look on the stage, their main function is to provide stability to the drum kit, particularly to the bass drums. They are built with non-skid/slip material that ensures that your kit stays in one place during the performance. Furthermore, they protect the floor and keep your hardware from getting grubby. Before you purchase a rug, make sure the dimensions of the rug are proportional to the kit. Having a mat too small can actually worsen the situation.

Here I have reviewed some of the top drum rugs available at the moment. Have a look to figure out which one is the best for you.

Our Pick of The 5 Best Drum Rugs

The Drum Rug by Meinl promises to put an end to creeping drum kits on the stage.
Made from non-slip PVC material, On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non Slip Drum Mat is a budget-friendly option.
The heavy-duty drum rug by Roland provides support, protection, and shock absorption.
Claiming to last you for years, the drum rug won't let your drum kit budge even an inch!
Featuring a funky design, Black Widow anchoring drum rug offers ultimate support to your drum kit.

1. Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug, Black

Meinl Cymbals is a big name among the percussionists. The Germany-based company is known worldwide for its percussion instruments. I had high hopes that their drum rug would live up to the name and sure enough, it did not disappoint. First, let’s talk about appearance. The rug comes in rich black color with small red details on the corners. From studio to stage, the velvety black color looks quite glam and blends well in every setting.

The rug is made from a thick fabric that is tightly woven. The non-slip bottom offers a great grip that you may have to struggle a bit to move the bass drum pedals. When it comes to size, it provides a good surface area. The rug is large enough to hold all your equipment including a bass drum kit. The Meinl mat is lightweight and comes with a zipper bag so you can fold it up and carry it around easily. Transporting the rug is not a hassle anymore! The price tag is kind of hefty, but in my opinion, the drum rug by Meinl is a great investment if you are a professional drummer.

2. On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat

I was quite skeptical about this one as it is rather cheap, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat provides a firm grip and does not budge easily. It is made from a non-slip PVC material. I placed the equipment upon the mat, and it did prevent it from moving all over the floor. What’s more, it is a great way to protect floors from scratches and marks, especially if you have wooden or vinyl flooring.

Another great point is that it is travel-friendly. The drum rug is lightweight, portable and boasts two Velcro straps that allow you to roll up the mat and secure it. It is available in two different sizes, and 4 x 4 drum mat provides a good surface area from a bass drum and drum stands. If you are looking for a cheaper option, then On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat can be an ideal choice for you.

3. Roland TDM-10 – Medium Size

TDM-10 drum mat is by Roland Corporation, a Japanese company that manufactures electronic musical instruments, music accessories, electronic equipment, and software. The company operates in several countries including UK, USA, and Canada. The first thing that caught my eye was the word ‘heavy-duty’. The mat does what a drum mat should do. It protects your floors from undue scratches, and it provides a firm grip so that your drumming equipment doesn’t move all over the place. In addition to this, TDM 10 drum rug also reduces impact noise and vibrations. It also helps in shock absorption.

The rug is constructed with three layers of high-quality, non-flammable materials; nylon filament, felt, and soft urethane resin. There is a Velcro tape on the drum mat that makes it easy to fold and carry the rug. All in all, it is a great drum mat for professionals who don’t mind the high cost.

4. Road Runner Drum Rug Grey

The dark gray drum mat by Road Runner promises unbudging support for years to come. Keep the mat under the equipment during all sorts of drumming sessions. From rehearsals and fun sessions to performances and studio recordings, the mat prevents the drum kit from moving.

There is a large chock on the front part of the mat that is made to keep the bass drum in one place even when you are banging the drums in utter rage. Moreover, it is designed to minimize noise and safeguards the floor. It is produced with non-skid rubber-trim edging with heavy weighted corners to avoid curling and bending of the edges. The surface area of the mat is large enough to hold all the equipment easily. While the price is a bit steep, the rug surely does it job fine. It firmly stays in one place and protects the floor.

5. Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat, The Ultimate Drum Mat

The drum rug by Black Widow is engineered with a patented system to lock the pedals of your kit in a single position. Besides preventing the drum kit from creeping, the rug is lightweight with a compact design. It weighs a couple of pounds less than the usual drum rugs. You can easily fold it up and carry it while traveling. The self-adhesive Velcro security strips keep the rug from slipping open. I have to say that its portability and convenient design make it a desirable option. It doesn’t hurt that Black Widow drum rug is quite easy on the pocket too!

Its pattern and design are different from your conventional rugs as well. Instead of plain black color, it features a large spider and web in white color against a black background. The shape is revolutionary as well and doesn’t take over your room. Some people have complained about the size being too small but if you have a smaller kit, it may work perfectly for you.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Drum Mat

  • Before you purchase a drum rug, make sure to consider the following factors:
  • The surface area of the rug should be bigger than your drum kit. Otherwise, it won’t rug.
  • The material should be thick with a firm grip.
  • The rug must be durable enough to last for years.
  • It must be lightweight and portable. You wouldn’t want a heavy mat that you can’t carry around.
  • The price tag shouldn’t put a hole in your wallet.

I hope the reviews will help you make the right decision. Happy drumming!

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