Nao Kawita: Breaking Barriers in the Japanese Metal Scene

Nao Kawita, a founding member and drummer of the Japanese metal band MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, is a pioneering musician in the Japanese metal scene. She is the only female member of the band and has been instrumental in shaping their unique sound.

Along with her heavy drumming style, Nao also lends her pop-inspired vocals to the band’s music, providing a contrast to the frontman’s delivery. In this article, we’ll explore Nao Kawita’s journey in MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, her role in the band’s success, and her impact on the Japanese metal music industry.

Drummer and Backup Vocalist for MAXIMUM THE HORMONE

Although Nao initially played a primarily percussive role in MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, she gained prominence as a multi-talented musician when she began contributing her vocals to the band’s songs, starting with the album Kusoban. 

In contrast to her heavy drumming style that is characteristic of the band’s sound, Nao’s pop-oriented vocals provide a distinctive contrast to Tsuda’s delivery, which blends metal and pop-punk elements and contributes to the band’s unique sound.

Recruiting Her Younger Brother as the Band’s Guitarist

After the departure of former guitarist SUGI from the band in 1999, Nao enlisted the help of her younger brother, Kawakita Ryo, as the new guitarist. The inclusion of her sibling in the band has helped to strengthen the already close-knit and supportive bond among the members.

Where Is Nao Kawakita Now?

Nao and her bandmates in Maximum the Hormone (MTH) have been busy in 2022, releasing their latest album “Dhurha vs. Dhurha” which is the latest addition to their “D vs D” series. This collection of super visual works is the band’s first in six years and has already sold over 400,000 copies.

European Tour 2022

The band also embarked on their “EUROPEAN TOUR 2022” in June, visiting five cities in Europe, including the rescheduled “HELLFEST 2022,” which is one of the biggest music festivals in France. MTH’s overseas tour was a huge success and helped to solidify their presence in the international music scene.

Chainsaw Man (Anime Series)

MTH’s latest track “HAWATARI NIOKU CENTI” was selected as the ending and insert theme song for the anime series “Chainsaw Man” in October. It was a significant milestone for the band, as it marked their first time contributing to an anime soundtrack.

Maximum The Hormone (Nao Kawita on drums) Featured Image by: MyTabooHoldings, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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