Roland VAD506 Review (2023) – Is It Worth It?


Value for Money






Sound Quality





  • Full-size wood shells and double-braced chrome stands
  • The TD-27 drum module is very good
  • Great quality 14" Digital Snare and 18" Digital Ride Cymbal
  • Amazing triggering and response
  • The bass drum adds a lot to the stage presence of the kit


  • Fairly expensive
  • It doesn’t include the TD-50 module

The VAD506 is the original flagship model of Roland’s impressive V-Drums Acoustic Design lineup. This set has the look and feel of an acoustic set while having all the benefits of an electronic kit. It has since been superseded by the VAD706, however, the VAD506 is still expected to have strong popularity due to its price difference.

With its powerful TD-27 drum module as well as its full size wood shells with 3 toms, 1 snare, 3 cymbals + hi-hat, and kick drum, the VAD506 is definitely a worthy pick from the rest of the hybrid drum options in the market, even though it’s pricey!

Key Features

Drum Module

The VAD506 comes with a very good TD-27 sound module. Though not the latest and highest quality drum module available today, this dynamic module is still very impressive especially with its Prismatic Sound Modeling, derived from TD-50, which produces realistic sounds. It also allows for custom sampling, has some great effects, and is very easy to record electronic drums to a computer as it acts as its own audio interface.

Roland are known for making extremely solid hardware. The combination of this module and the pads offers very low latency, which is great for instant response when drumming. Although the drum module is really decent, some people may prefer the sounds from the Pearl Mimic Pro or the Alesis Strike Pro module.


VAD506’s design is definitely one of its strongest appeals as it boasts a full-sized wood shell with adjustable mesh heads. Its double-braced chrome drum stands make the VAD506 look and feel very stable, and definitely would stand out on stage.  

The VAD506 definitely demands a double take as it can convince anyone that it is an acoustic drum (apart from the cymbals of course). It truly is a statement drum kit that can make a great impact whether you’re playing in the studio or on stage.

Kit Configuration

The five-piece kit configuration of the Roland VAD506 comes in premium quality and features 14″ PD-140DS digital snare and 18″ CY-18DR digital ride cymbal that produce high-resolution and very authentic acoustic drum dynamics and sounds.

It also includes 10″ PDA100-MS rack tom, 12″ PDA120-MS rack tom, 14″ PDA140F-MS floor tom, and 20″ KD-200-MS kick with custom chrome hardware and Midnight Sparkle wraps with additional cymbal pads that include 12″ VH-10 V-Hi-Hat, 14″ CY-14C-T crash, and 16″ CY-16R-T crash/ride.

The Roland VAD506 is definitely packed and loaded with everything you need for an immersive and realistic acoustic drumming experience.


The VAD506 is not cheap. At this rate it is certainly disappointing that they don’t include the TD-50 module, however, it certainly comes in as more affordable than the VAD706.

If you have a lower budget, there are some other options to choose from in the VAD range (check out our article on Roland VAD706, VAD506, VAD503, and VAD306)

Alternatives to the Roland VAD506

Roland VAD706 is currently the flagship model in the V-Drums Acoustic Design kit lineup with the latest and the most advanced TD50X drum module. Its gloss lacquer finish that comes in different colors definitely elevates the look of its full-size wood shells. The additional cherry on top are its new VH-14D Hi-hats and double-braced chrome stands that make it look very much like an authentic acoustic drum. 

The only downside is that with all these amazing features and state-of-the-art drum module, it comes at a hefty price. So if you are on a budget, this one is certainly not the right drum kit for you! However, Roland VAD706 is perfect for those on a high budget looking to invest in the electronic drum set available.

Considered as Roland’s flagship electronic drum set that superseded the very popular Roland TD-30, the Roland TD-50 KVX definitely also delivers an impactful experience with its TD-50 module (similar to the one on the Roland VAD706) and very impressive triggering. This kit offers some of the best that Roland has to offer. 

The kit also includes large CY-14C and CY-15R cymbals, a new digital CY-18DR V-Cymbal Ride, PD-108-BC and two PD-128-BC toms, and VH-13 V-Hi-Hat.

ATV aDrums Artist Series Extended

View Price at Amazon

With its 5-piece drum set, two 16″ aD-C16 cymbals, 18″ aD-C18 cymbals and 14″ aD-H14 Hi-Hat, the ATV aDrums Artist Series Extended offers a great playing experience with its dynamics similar to authentic acoustic drums. 

Its ATV aD5 sound module creates realistic drum sounds in complete range including exceptional selections of acoustic drum sets in all music styles.


The Roland VAD506 is a worthy pick among the other electronic drums out there. It’s slightly more reasonable in pricing compared to the VAD706, however it does have a TD-27 module in comparison to a TD-50 module. 

Its beautiful design leaves a lasting impact with its full-sized wood shell with adjustable mesh heads, demanding a double take with its authentic acoustic drum look!

This is a great choice for pro drummers and it’s only of the best electronic drum sets currently available.

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