15 Great T-Shirts for Drummers to Buy Online

Evolution Funny Drummer T-Shirt

Clothing is a great part of our identity. People always want to show the world who they are. Sports enthusiasts like to wear jerseys of famous athletes, metal heads are always wearing shirts of their favorite bands, while musicians like clothes that associate to their instruments.

The same goes for drummers. These days, the market is full of nicely-designed t-shirts with interesting prints that have something with drums or music in general. We’ve picked some of them for you:

1. Da Vinci Drummer T-Shirt

If you want something more subtle than just a t-shirt with a logo of a certain drum company, or with the face of some famous drummer on it, this one may be a great choice. Let’s call it a variation on a theme, as you can obviously see inspiration in Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. In this case, it’s not about perfect man proportions, but to show the world that you are a drummer with a good knowledge of arts. The t-shirt is of good quality, while the print is also good. It comes in all sizes.

2. Zildjian Classic Black T

Although you actually pay to advertise a certain drum brand, wearing these kinds of t-shirts is actually pretty cool. You will be instantly recognized among musicians, and that leaves a lot of subjects to talk about. The shirt is quite simple, but it looks very nice. Just a regular black shirt with the company’s recognizable logo. It may look expensive for a common cotton t-shirt, but the overall quality is pretty good.

3. The Tempo Is What I Say It Is!

The drummer is a boss when it comes to tempo, so if you’re hanging out primarily with musicians, this is a perfect t-shirt for you. It could also be a great present for your drummer friend. Generally, I don’t like shirts with “funny” inscriptions, but internal jokes are an exception, and this one is pretty good. Also, a great thing is that the price is quite affordable, though it can vary depending on the size you need.

4. I Destroy Silence

Once again, a great choice for a drummer friend. It’s not the most original message you can find, but nice psychedelic color combinations make up this lack of humor. The print looks and feels great, while a black shirt will work in any situation. More importantly, the t-shirt is 100% cotton, regular fit, and feels pretty comfortable. Also, the price is pretty typical.

5. Evolution Funny Drummer T-Shirt

There must be at least a million of these “evolution” jokes and we are all are getting bored of them. However, this one somehow looks good, or maybe it’s only because I love drums. In any case, the print looks very good, as well as the whole t-shirt. It is a little bit more expensive than you would expect for a typically printed t-shirt, but the quality is actually very good. Also, it comes in numerous color options and, more importantly, in all sizes.

6. Think Out Loud Apparel Drums T-Shirt Artistic Design Drummer Tee Black XL

The best thing about this one is that it doesn’t have any kind of message at all. There is just a simple print of drum drawing, which looks very nice. Those who prefer simple things would definitely like this design. Also, the cotton is very soft and comfortable, while there are two colors in the offer – Black and Navy. All in all, a great t-shirt.

7. got drums?

If you and your band members like malicious jokes, then this is a perfect present for them. You can get one for yourself too, as long it’s funny to you. Other than the inscription, the t-shirt looks great. Just a couple of words makes it super simple, so there’s no need to talk about print quality. On the other side, the shirt is soft and feels very comfortable. After all, its 100% cotton. It probably isn’t the most durable shirt you can get, but the price is very affordable. It would definitely last for a season.

8. Funny Definition of a Musician

These words are definitely true and should be a part of some dictionary for sure. It isn’t necessarily about drummers, but about all musicians, but it’s funny and true for a waste majority. Once again, the print is super simple and we like it. The font is great, while the shirt comes in an amazing grey color. However, it is 50/50 cotton and polyester, so it may not be the best choice for hot weather, especially not for gigs and rehearsals.

9. Drumset Patent T-Shirt

This is arguably one of the best drum t-shirts you can get. The print on this one is simply amazing. It is actually drawing of a drum set, which was patented in U.S. Patent Office 60 years ago. The print is full of details, but still super simple and that’s many people would like it so much. Besides it looks great, it also features quite decent quality, especially if we consider the price tag. Still, some of the reviewers complained that it shrinks too much.

10. DW Drum Workshop Short Sleeve Tee

Another t-shirt of the famous brand. DW is one of the most renowned drum companies in the world, so it seems natural that many drummers wear its t-shirts. This one is super-simple, as it comes with the company famous logo. Drummers find this shirt looking great and other drummers will likely recognize the logo instantly.

11. Weapons of Mass Percussion

With “weapons of mass percussion” inscription and crossed drumsticks, you will make pretty clear to everyone that you are a drummer enthusiast. The print quality is good. The cotton is soft, while the black color seems perfect for a shirt like this one. Of course, it comes in all sizes.

12. Abe Lincoln Drummer

With President Lincoln on drums, that would be a hell of a band for sure. This print looks great, though a colored bass drum could be a little bit too much for some. In any case, this is not just a cool looking t-shirt, it also features decent quality. The cotton is soft but durable, and it comes in numerous colors.

13. Adult Vintage Patent Snare Drum T-Shirt

Another scratch from the U.S. Patent Office. This time, it is a snare drum, which makes this shirt even more amazing. Once again, the print is very subtle, so the shirt would look great on you, even if you don’t play drums. The price quite affordable and you get a lot of quality in return. The cotton is soft, while the overall quality is surprisingly good. Also, the shirt comes in various colors.

You can get a long-sleeve shirt as well.

14. Weapons Of Mass Percussion (Another Option)

This is another “Weapon of Mass Percussion” t-shirt on the market. This one looks more subtle than the previous one. It is simpler and drumsticks are not colored, which actually puts the message in the focus. Also, a great thing is that you can choose pretty much any color you want, including a couple of camouflaged finishes. The price is quite affordable.

15. Retro Style Drummer T-Shirt

The most colorful option on the list comes last. This one is a cool retro multi-colored t-shirt by a brand called 'Pack a punch' which have some nice designs. If you're looking for an older, style and slightly abstract looking t-shirt then this is a nice option to consider!

As you can see, the choice is huge. There are all kinds of drum t-shirts on the market. Fortunately, these are usually nothing more but typical single-color cotton shirts, regular fit in most cases. Therefore, you won’t go wrong with any of these, just make sure to choose the print you like.

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