The 7 Best Drum Sets for Toddlers (Acoustic, Electronic, Toy Sets)

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Thinking of giving your toddler a head start in learning drums? In this post, we show you 7 of the best drum sets for toddlers.

Playing a musical instrument is incredibly beneficial for children. It teaches the development of motor skills, academic development, self-expression, and confidence (read our post here to learn more). They are also very fun and rewarding for children.

The right drum set for your toddler depends on their age, noise constraints, the amount of space you have, and your budget. We’ve carefully curated this list to make sure that there’s something for everybody.

The 7 Best Drum Sets for Toddlers – Our Pick

4. Rabing Kids Drum Set
Electronic drum pads for babies and toddlers
5. Reditmo Toy Drum Set for Kids
Pink drum set with keyboards and lots of extras
6. WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set
Colorful drum set with a microphone

1. Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-1-BL

We start off this list with this set by Mendini, which are well-known makers of children’s drum sets. MJDS-1-BL is the starting point of their whole MJDS production line made for kids and teens. As the smallest one in the line, MJDS-1 is meant to be used by children from at least 3 years of age. If your toddler is a little older, then they still might be able to fit this, and they will grow into using the junior drum set fully.

This acoustic drum set is similar to standard acoustic drum sets, only smaller in size to fit small children. You get a 13” bass drum, 8” tom and 10” snare and one 8” cymbal, together with a frame to attach all of that together.

Also, you will get a pair of wooden sticks and a matching stool. Of course, you’re not going to get the quality of an adult acoustic kit, but that’s not the purpose of this!

2. Prextex Kids’ Electric Toy Drum Set

Now moving onto electronic toy drums. The Prextex Electric Toy Drum Set is a perfect gift for small children to make their first steps in drumming and music in general. This electronic drum set comes with one bass drum, two toms, and a cymbal. Together with it, you will get a microphone, stool, plastic sticks and several keys that can play different notes.

The whole set is made out of plastic and is really colorful and bright. It has different lights installed as well, so when your child plays it will really be a joy for every sense. It works on batteries and the price is very affordable.

3. VTech Zoo Jamz Stompin’ Fun Drums

You can’t have a list of toddler toys without including something from VTech!

Vtech Zoo Jamz is a lovely little set made with an animal theme in mind. It’s made to look like an elephant, so it will instantly be interesting to any kid that plays it. It comes with 5 different drums, one bass pedal, and a cymbal to play on.

Your kids can choose from four different games like Catch the Light which will develop their motor and sensory skills, as well as just play freestyle. It works on batteries and with the set, you will also get a stool and sticks.

The drums light up when hit and on the set. You will find prerecorded singalong tracks to which your kid can play or sing.

4. Rabing Kids Drum Set

The Rabing Kids Drum Set is a compact little option for babies and toddlers. In this set, you will get three pads and two cymbals, sticks and a microphone with a stand and a 90cm cable that connects to the drum set.

You can choose from 5 different light music modes, where the drums light up and flash in a different light to the sound of the music. Also, it has a standard drum mode with drum sounds and the microphone can be connected to the computer and used as an actual recording device.

The great thing about it is that you can use it anywhere, as it doesn’t have to be mounted on the floor, but can be placed in lap. It works on 4 AA batteries.

5. Reditmo Toy Drum Set

The pink Reditmo toy drum set is actually a really nice drum/instrument set for your kids. This set comes with three drums (two toms and one bass pedal), two cymbals, a keyboard with eight keys and a microphone. You will get a matching stool for your little ones and a pair of sticks.

What’s setting apart this set from all the others is a presence of a keyboard and a lot of options added into this drum set musically speaking.

You can actually play the drums and keyboard and get decent sounds, you can choose from several different instruments and effects. It also has a microphone!

6. WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set

WolVol Electric Toy Drum set is a colorful, sparkly electronic drum set with great sound and a lot of options to entertain your toddler. It can be used for children aged 2-6.

It’s made out of plastic and has a really cool and playful design, with lots of colors and drawings on the drums.

It comes with two drums and a bass pedal, microphone and a cymbal and stool and sticks – a standard package for children drum sets.

It also has 9 shiny keys that are used to control it and play tunes if you wish.

7. Bright Starts Light & Learn Drum with Melodies

This light & learn drum is a single drum meant to be used from 3 months and older. It’s made out of plastic and has a clean nice surface for your baby to play with.

It has three different modes: number, colors, and drumming. Essentially, this toy will help your baby learn the different colors by tapping them, numbers by counting and you can just play drums when hitting the drum in the music mode. It also has a mirror on the backside, making it really interesting for your baby.


We hope that this article will help you pick a product for your toddler. Whatever you choose to get, it will sure make them happy.

If you’re looking for your toddler to have some great fun, while also giving them a headstart in playing musical instruments, then these are great options for you.

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