The 5 Best Hot Rod Drumsticks (Multi-Rods, Rutes) (2022)


Hot rod drumsticks are a type of drum beater where thin wooden sticks are wrapped together. It gives you a sound that’s somewhere in between a standard drumstick and the brush.

In this article, we’re going to present to you our round-up of some of the best options on the market today.

The Best Hot-Rods, Multi-Rods and Drum Rutes – Our Round-Up

1. Promark H-RODS Hot Rod
Editor's Choice - The Original Hot-Rods, Multiple Versions Available
2. Vater VSPST Birch Splashstick
19-Rods Versatile Sticks
3. Vic Firth Rute
Popular and High Quality Adjustable Sticks
4. Meinl Bamboo Dowels
Highly Versatile And Adjustable Mid-Range Drumsticks
5. WeiMeet Hot Rods
Budget Option - Affordable Hot Rods

1. Promark H-RODS Hot Rods Drumsticks

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We start this list off with the original. Promark H-Rods sticks were the first mass-produced multi rod sticks in 1985 and subsequently gave name to the object itself.

Today they remain at the top of the game, being one of the most popular hot rod sticks out there.

As you can see, hot rod sticks in Promark come in four different versions – Cool, Hot, Lightning, and Thunder.

The difference between all of these is the size of them. This means that in the Cool Rods, the thinnest of the group, you will have 19 thin sticks or 19 medium sticks in Hot version, while L-Rods come with seven large sticks and T-Rods with 7 extra-large sticks.

This provides the difference in the sound, with thinner versions being less loud and more sensitive to minute differences in playing.

All of these rods are made out of birch wood and come with a natural finish. These sticks are an industry standard and you can’t make a mistake when buying this classic.

2. Vater VSPST Birch Splashstick Traditional Multi Rods

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Vater Splashstick is the company’s answer to Promark and Vic Firth’s hot rod sticks and it can stand up for itself pretty well in that select group.

These rods come in three different versions, bamboo, normal and traditional. We’re focusing here on traditional, as they started it all, but you can check for yourself others if you like.

These sticks are made out of 19 birch rods and are held together by a rubber cover, which is split in two to help keep the rods together and provide supreme sound while doing that.

They are comfortable in hand and the most important thing for any drummer – they are durable.

With these splashsticks, you won’t see chipping of the rods or rods getting loose after a longer usage – Vater’s Splashsticks are known to be very durable.

Soundwise they provide you with excellent, sensitive sound and control over your drums.

3. Vic Firth Rute

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Each of the Vic Firth Rute rods is 3/8” wide and made out of wood, with rubber handle which is a bit thicker than the hitting end of the sticks.

They are perfect for light rock or jazz music, with a wide array of sounds and subtle sounds that they produce out of any drums they are played on.

These are go-to rods for many drummers.

4. Meinl Stick & Brush – SB201

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Meinl SB201 are bamboo hotrod sticks, made out of bamboo wood rods.

They consist of 19 light rods, which are held together by rubber handles and two separate rings. These rings can be moved and used to adjust rod spread, which affects the sound these sticks make.

These are quality made, bamboo sticks which provide you with airy, light sound, which is more bristle than standard birch hot rods. With two sets of rings that hold rods together, these sticks will give you the ability to adjust your sound and give you unmatched versatility.

Pricewise, these are upper-class sticks, but they still don’t cost much, so it’s affordable to experiment with the new sounds they provide.

5. WeiMeet 2 Pieces Drum Sticks

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We’re ending this list with an often more affordable version of hotrod drumsticks.

WeiMeet is made out of bamboo rods and has rubber handles with plastic caps at the end of the sticks, which help to keep the rods all together.

One ring at the tip of the stick helps you to adjust the spread of the rods, giving you the versatility in sound adjustment when playing.

These sticks come together with a protective bag in which you can carry them around safe and sound. They are usually cheaper than other sticks on this list, but they offer good quality, nevertheless.

If you’re looking for that easy, bamboo, jazzy sound when playing and don’t want to spend too much, this is the perfect solution for you.

Hot Rods vs Brushes vs Drumsticks

Many people wonder what’s the big deal in the difference in sound between different types of drumsticks. Three major groups (with many different variations inside each group) are drumsticks, brushes, and hotrods.


Drumsticks are classic sticks made out of one solid material piece. They are usually made out of wood, but other materials can be used and usually, the tips of the drumsticks are mostly modified to give slight sound changes. They give out the loudest and sharpest tones when played on the drums and cymbals.


Brushes consist of a handle through which a brush (a group of bristles) is put through and used for playing. These bristles can be made out of metal or nylon and their density and spread vastly affect the sound that they produce. They are often used in jazz music. They provide smooth, quiet drumming which is perfect when you’re looking for sensitive, ambient sounds from your drum set.

Hot Rods

Hotrods and Drum Rutes are the mix between the brushes and drumsticks when it comes to the sound they provide. They are usually made out of birch or bamboo wood and different number and thickens of rods that make hotrods make for different sounds they produce.

They are in a perfect middle between brushes and drumsticks and as such, they are used in all sorts of music from rock and jazz to folk music, though in acoustic settings most of the time – but are still great for amplified events.


We hope that this article has helped you figure out what are the best hot rods and drum rutes for you.

There are different options for everyone, from beginners to professionals and it’s just up to you to choose which is the perfect pair of sticks for you.

The good side of this is that all of these sticks are usually quite affordable so that you can experiment easily and without significant expense.

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