What Happened To Pete Best, The Original Beatles Drummer?

An absolute protagonist of The Beatles’ residency in Hamburg and extremely popular among the girls, Pete Best had to leave the Beatles days before their big break in 1962. After legal battles with his former mates and decades spent far away from the music industry, Pete Best managed to scroll off the “failed Beatle” label … Read more

Buddy Rich – The Best Drummer Ever?

He was voted the “most influential drummer ever”. He was one of the most successful drummers of the 20th century. Is it right to consider him “the greatest drummer ever to have drawn breath” (in the words of Gene Krupa.[1])? He played with jazz legends like Count Basie, Ella Fitgerald, and Nat King Cole. He … Read more

What is Lars Ulrich’s Drumming Legacy?

When you are part of one of the most popular bands of all times and when you are seen widely as one of the main representatives of a whole music genre, then you know your you’ve done pretty well. Lars Ulrich has become one of the most recognizable drummers in the world. He has many die-hard fans, as well … Read more

11 Great Drumming Movies for Fun and Inspiration

We comprised a list containing some of the best drum movies for fun an inspiration. Here you can find movies about musicians, movies that have great drum-focused soundtracks and documentaries about great drummers. Let’s get into the list! 1. The Gene Krupa Story https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052840/ The Gene Krupa Story is a movie from 1959, which depicts … Read more

Is Ringo Starr a Good Drummer?

In 1983, British comedian Jasper Carrott first shared the following joke: “Ringo isn’t the best drummer in the world. He isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.” Rumors about supposed incompetence in Ringo’s drumming had started way earlier and had amplified in 1980 when John Lennon, a little before dying, released an interview with … Read more

Drummers: The Incredibly Versatile Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison is a man that wears many hats (or masks!) in music, but he’s most famous as a founding member and drummer of Slipknot. As one of the original founders of the band in the mid-’90s, and song co-writer together with Corey Taylor, Joey became one of the most praised and reputable drummers of the younger … Read more

The legendary Dave Lombardo

When you think of metal music, the first thing that instantly pops in your mind is that double-bass fast tempo on drums, sounding almost manic. And we should all thank Dave Lombardo for perfecting and spreading that signature metal sound through the years. Lombardo, most famous for his work with Slayer, is one of the … Read more

Neil Peart – The Legendary Drummer from Rush

For most drummers and other rock musicians, there is probably no need for special introduction, as Neil Peart is one of the most famous names in the history of rock drums. For those who are still unfamiliar with this huge name, we are talking about a drummer that was a part of the Canadian most … Read more