The 5 Best Drumsticks for Kids – Lighter and Shorter Options for Children

drum sticks for kids

If you’re looking out for a set of drumsticks for kids then keep reading. Children’s drumsticks are lighter and shorter, which makes them a lot easier for kids to make their way around a drum set. In order to learn the drums, it is important that your kid has a proper pair of drumsticks with an appropriate length that allows for a correct grip.

There are some many different acoustic drum sets for kids and electronic drum sets for kids available, but the simple matter of drumsticks are often an afterthought. If you are hunting for the best pair of drumsticks for your child that is both comfortable and durable, we have listed below some of the best options.

Editor's Choice - Designed for little drummers, Vic Firth Kid-sticks are a very good quality at a reasonable price.
Lightweight and durable, Pocket Stix are engineered for drummers as young as two years old!
Colorful, lightweight, and sturdy - ROSENICE 7A Maple Drum Sticks are a perfect pair of drumsticks for children.
A scaled down version SD1 General, Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Jr. Drumsticks is superb for budding drummers.
Really Cool... but not quite as functional!

1. Vic FirthKidsticks

Vic Firth is a popular musical instrument manufacturing company among musicians, particularly among drummers. Their drumsticks are known to be some of the best ones all across the globe. You would be pleased to know that they also cater to tiny musicians in making. If you are looking for a pair of mini drumsticks for your little one, take a look at Kidsticks by Vic Firth. Available in playful shades of bright blue and shocking pink, the kids will love the sticks. It will encourage them to learn and have fun at the same time.  

Vic Firth Kidsticks is designed for young drummers to allow them to easily play on a smaller drum set. Lightweight and short, they are geared towards ages 3 to 8. The drumsticks are produced from hickory wood and offer a high-quality sound. They are finished off with glossy paint. Some buyers have complained that the paint chips off after a while, but it does not affect the sound it produces. 

2. Pocket Stix 11″ 5A Maple Drumsticks for Kids

Whether it is a toddler trying out the drums for the first time or an enthusiastic young drummer who wants to get the chord right, Pocket Stix is a perfect choice for young drummers that actually fit in the pocket. It is geared towards ages 2 and up. The sticks are available in a variety of fun colors that will make drumming sessions even more fun. The colors include Alien Green, Wild Purple, Bebop Blue, Jedi Black, Passion Pink, Cool Carol, Rocking Red, and even a plain maple finish if the kid wants to keep it all serious.  

The sticks are well crafted from maple wood. The wood is lightweight and durable which in turn produces a good quality sound. According to reviewers, the sticks can withstand riotous drumming sessions and high impacts for long hours.

3. ROSENICE 7A Maple Drum Sticks

Rosenice drumsticks are manufactured from maple wood which is one of the best materials to craft a drumstick. The sticks are feature a 7A design. It is available in a number of basic colors such as yellow, red, blue, green, and black. Thanks to it’s lightweight and durability, Rosenice drumsticks are a perfect option for children and toddlers. The weight, length, and thickness are moderate making it suitable for kids of all ages. Grab a pair and start drumming away! 

4. Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Jr. Drumsticks (SD1JR)

When it comes to musical instruments, you can be sure that Vic Firth will never disappoint. Those who are avid users of Vic Firth SD1 Jr. drumsticks know how sturdy and practical their drumsticks are. If you have been wondering about their kids’ drumsticks, let us tell you that they are equally awesome. Bright red in color, the drumsticks have a dimension that is suitable for kids. The sticks are from their American Custom line that has a number of models. These drumsticks, in particular, are a shorter version of the SD1 General for smaller hands.


To make drumming sessions fun and lively for kids, Rockstix 2 HD brings you a bright blue, motion activated light-up pair of drumsticks. The sticks have forested tips with a slow burn effect that fades out gradually. The sticks light up with every beat. They are crafted from a premium quality Polycarbonate that is also used in riot shields. Apart from blue, the sticks are available in a variety of colors such as red, green, orange, white, purple and neon orange. While they are not the most practical drumsticks, Rockstix is quite fun to encourage children to play drums. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pair of Drumsticks for Kids

Before you purchase a pair of drumsticks for your child, consider the following things to make the best decision.  

The material of a Drumstick

Choose the right material. Drumsticks are available in a variety of materials including hickory, maple, laminated birchwood, nylon, carbon metal and Japanese white oak. Each material has its own advantages such as hickory offers good flexibility and high resistance to impact making it a great option for drumsticks. For kids, a maple is a good option as its softer and lighter than its counterparts. On the other hand, it is stiff with a low resistance to impacts. 

Shape and Size of the Tip

The shape and size of the tips also have an effect on how the drums are played out. Some of the most common shapes are oval, barrel, acorn, and ball. Smaller tips produce a vivid sound while larger tip creates a deeper tone. Similarly, different shapes create a different kind of sound, for instance, ball tips create a sweet sound while the barrel tip creates a dark sound.  

Correct Thickness of the Drumstick

The thickness of the drumsticks also influences the sound, and thickness is usually depicted by its model number. A’ sticks are thinner than B’ sticks. It is the opposite for numbers because higher number means thinner sticks which will make 7A thinner than 5A. However, it can be inaccurate as each manufacturer has its own range.

Lacquer Coating

Drumsticks are coated with a varnish and each brand has a different type that affects the grip. Allow your child to hold the drumsticks to test the grip and whether they are slippery or not. Some sticks tend to feel tacky after a while as the varnish gets sticky due to heat that is produced during the drumming session.

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