The 20 Best Free Trap Drum Kits of 2023 (Trap Sample Packs)

Trap is all about energy from the booming 808s, kicks, cymbals, hi-hats, and loops. Here are some free trap drum kits that can help you deliver a pro sound and add some spice to your tracks.

You put these trap drum samples directly into audio tracks in your DAW, or use them along with either a digital or hardware sampler.

If you’re a producer or beatmaker that wants to lock in that trap drum sound then check out these great free sample packs.

Free Trap Drum Kits (Sample Packs)

  1. 808 TRAPSTEP VOL 1 by TriSamples: The ultimate trap sample pack with a great selection of trap sounds, including basses as well as kicks, claps, cymbals, and so forth.
  2. Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack by Cymatics: A hip-hop sample pack with that added versatility of guitars, pianos, flutes, MIDIs, loops, and of the sort.
  3. Free UK Drill Drum Kit “Drillers” by BVKER: Trap sample pack with hard-hitting kicks, sublime bass, and hat sounds with the additional MIDI and drum/melodic loops.
  4. Trap Drums – Drum Kit by ProducerSpot: Large sample pack for trap/hip-hop music that includes drum sounds with the standard cymbals, hats, claps, as well as vocal samples.
  5. Traplife by Musician Goods: Free Trap drumkit for your DAW of choice that includes hats, kicks, snares, even chants, and crashes.
  6. The Trap Music Drum Kit by Producers Buzz: A large sample pack of Trap sound with over 300 samples that feature the usual kicks, hats, and snares, but also has DJ drops, tags, and trap synths.
  7. New Loops Free Trap Kit 2 by New Loops: A high-quality trap sample pack with over 50 sounds with a softer feel, one-shot samples, kicks, with the usual snares, claps, and effects.
  8. Trap Drum Kits Volume 1 by FatLoops: A 24-bit WAV trap sample pack with several drum kicks, hi-hats, and claps, as well as Vocal FX that can be implemented into your DAW of choice.
  9. Wheezy Inspired Drum Kit by BVKER: A Wheezy-inspired trap pack with just over 100 samples if you want quality and popular kicks, hats, claps, tuned 808s, and more.
  10. DIAMONDS VOL. 1 by Cymatics: A professionally designed sample pack for Trap/Hip-hop use that has melody loops, drum loops, and 808s, while also incorporating a huge number of other hip-hop sounds.
  11. Certified Trap Star Kit (Soundkit) by Hipstrumentals: Creative Trap sample kit that includes drum kits, bells, and loops like synths, whistles, and brass.
  12. Trap Kicks by Beat Production: A kick sample pack for that extra thump factor for any trap and subgenre, applicable to most DAWs.
  13. Free Trap Melodies (Music Samples) by r-loops: Great pack for trap, hip-hop, and R&B artists which has chord progressions, and melodies, with a modern twist.
  14. 9GOD by Cymatics: With over 100 samples that include loops, Serum presets, and MIDIs, this is a Drake-inspired sample pack for that ‘it’ factor.
  15. Travis Scott Type Drum Kit by BVKER: Another artist-inspired trap sample pack, this time by Travis Scott, includes cool 808s, drums, cymbals, hats, as well as 2 kits.
  16. Pyrex Trap Sound Pack by Beatsmith: Aimed at trap producers, this sample pack featured just over 150 samples, sound fonts, and presets, along with the usual kicks, snares, bass, and of the sort.
  17. Lil Uzi Vert Sample Pack by Free Beats & Samples: With a name like Lil Uzi Vert, this sample pack has various loops (drum, melody, perc) and 808, drums, and synth sound for any trap artist.
  18. MOOSE MELODIES SAMPLE PACK by ProducerGrind: This is a combined sample and loop pack with cool mafia-style loops, melodies, and filters for further shaping that add character.
  19. Trap Starter Pack by Cymatics: A starter pack for trap producers/artists that includes over 200 samples and various loops, along with kicks, hats, snared, cymbals, and similar.
  20. Bass Drops Sound Kit by Beat Production: Bass Drops sample pack for that thump factor and vibration in the form of WAV files which gives that element of depth and flavor.

Are Free Trap Drum Kits (Sample Packs) worth it?

Trap sample packs are very worth it, they add variety and versatility to the creative process of music production. Despite these free packs, you can still get professional-sounding tracks going. The main idea is to have a good sound selection and the rest is in your hands and creative mind.

Paid sample packs are no longer the only way to go or even the definite way to get quality sounds. Every detail ultimately revolves around a creative mind and what you can come up with, with the additional mixing, editing, and mastering.

What makes these Trap Drum Kits/Packs special?

These Free Trap Drum Kits and packs are good for adding variety to your DAW of choice while also offering artist-inspired sounds, kicks, cymbals, and of the sort that are commonly rooted to a specific artist.

Having the option to pull out a similar/memorable 808 or kick/hi-hat, etc. is the reason why these sample packs are so highly used and downloaded.


Trap sample packs are a great way for music producers to add variety and versatility to their DAWs. They offer artist-inspired sounds, kicks, cymbals, and other commonly used elements that are rooted in a specific artist’s sound.

These packs are free of charge, which makes them even more appealing to producers and beatmakers. The list of free trap sample packs provided above is a great starting point for any music producer looking to add trap elements and spiciness to their tunes.

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