The Best Audio Plugin Sales and Deals 2020 (VST,AU,AAX)


This is your up-to-date list for fantastic audio plugin deals. The Summer Sales for a few big music plugin companies are now underway, so it’s a great time to snap up a deal while prices are low.

Music plugins can often be found at great discounts because their makers can afford to temporarily lower their prices a lot more than physical products.

We’re going to go through some of the best options available to you:

Before we get into our hand-picked deals. Some fantastic places that you should check out for plugin deals are:

PluginBoutique – This is one of our favorite places for plugin deals. They regularly offer premium plugins for free when you buy anything. In some cases, you could get a plugin worth a lot of money for free when you buy a cheap plugin for a few dollars. Just make sure to check what current deals are running. They are an authorized reseller of plugins for many manufacturers. They also have a nice loyalty where you earn virtual cash and reward tokens that you can use against future purchases. Check Deals.

Sweetwater – You may know them for their large inventory of great music gear, but they also have a big selection of music plugins. They often have great deals, so they are well worth checking out. Check Deals.

VST Buzz – A great place for music software deals, with a major new deal on plugins, samples, or sound-sets every week. They offer up to 80% off plugins, sound sets, and sample libraries. Check Deals.

AudioPlugin.Deals – Another legitimate company that includes limited-time promotions from a different music plugin developer every 2 weeks. For each purchase, you also get reward points that you can use to reduce the price of future purchases in their plugin store. Check Deals.

Our Pick of the Best Music Plugin Deals 2020

1. Trash2 + Carbon Bundle (Free with Any Purchase)

Valid Until September 1, 2020

PluginBoutique are running a fantastic giveaway this month. With only purchase you get a free copy of iZotope Trash 2, which can distort and Mangle up your audio. There's a bunch of included algorithms that you can move through to quickly switch between some great sounding distortion.

Ujam Carbon is an electric guitar virtual instrument. That is quite versatile and has a bunch of different settings that would be particularly useful on soundtracks, video games, or other electronic music.

iZotope Trash 2

UJam Carbon

2. Future Audio Workshop SubLab Sale - 43% OFF

Valid Until October 1, 2020

This is a new type of synthesiser from future audio which sounds great and has an absolutely fantastic user interface.

It's great for genres such as trap and hip hop. It has some great 808 style sounds which can bring a lot of punch to your mix. This is quite an affordable so it's definitely worth checking out.

3. 65% off “AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit” by Keepforest

A great collection of 20 classic AIR FX plugins.

This includes 4GB of sound design tools that would be very useful in:

- Epic Trailer Tracks
- Cinematic Underscore
- Hybrid Orchestral Music
- Sound Design

4. Waves Codex Wavetable Synthesizer (Large price drop)

Waves Codex is a polyphonic wavetable soft synth that will shift your sound design into overdrive.

Based on an advanced granular wavetable engine and Waves' Virtual Voltage technology, Codex lets you easily create sounds that range from organic acoustic and analog emulations to wonderfully rich, evolving textures.

5. Loopmasters KHORDS Sale - 30% OFF

Valid Until October 1, 2020

This is a great plugin from loopmasters, that allows you to get great-sounding chord progressions that will fit right into your mix.

It has a great bank of presets already included within the instrument. This is from loopmasters, which is already very well recommended as a sampler provider by music producers.

It allows you to set different samples for both the note layer and the chord layer, and you have a bunch of different effects to get exactly the type of sound that you want.

Definitely worth checking out!

The Deal of the Week from VstBuzz

VstBuzz are always worth checking out for their weekly deals. Check out their current deal of the week:

Difference Between Buying From Plugin Producers and Resellers

On the deals page, we often list deals from resellers. Licensed resellers (such as PluginBoutique or Sweetwater) have an agreement with plugin producers to sell their products. They provide you with valid license codes and often provide you with updates to the software when necessary.

How the updates are released depends on the manufacturer of the plugin. The plugin maker (such as iZotope) may provide you with plugin software updates directly via their iZotope Windows or Mac application. For some other cases, they will be available directly from your reseller account.

Why do Plugin Makers Discount their Products So Much?

Music plugins are software, so the makers so not have to worry about physical inventory or shipping. This makes it a lot more feasible for them to heavily discount plugins from time to time.

Plugin producers may also offer you discounted plugins for the following reasons:

  • They want you as a customer: They want you to start using their plugins, in the hope that you will purchase others in the future. This is a win-win because you get cheap or free plugins, and if you really like them, you can buy others later.
  • They may want you to upgrade to higher-featured plugins later: Some plugin manufactures also have multiple versions of their plugins. They might offer a limited feature version of the plugin for cheap, and keep the more expensive priced one as-is. This is certainly not always the case, but it’s worth checking out the product catalog of your plugin provider before purchasing.
  • They want hype for their plugins: There are so many music plugin producers offering their products online. Plugins are sometimes offered at a low price in order to generate some hype and get positive customer reviews.

There are quite a few exceptions to this rule, however. It’s great to buy music plugins at a bargain, but some plugins are simply never on sale. This is often the case for ones that are already seen as industry-standard or already have gained a lot of traction in the community.


So there you have it, we hope that you’ve found some great deals to freshen up your creative process and workflow. Make sure to check back here often, because we update this page very regularly.

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