Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Set Review


Value for money






Sound quality



  • Excellent TD-27 drum module
  • Build Quality
  • Feel and size of the mesh heads
  • Great snare (ghost notes and rim shots)
  • Suitable for Double-bass drum pedals


  • A larger pad for the floor tom would be nice
  • Uses the KD-10 kick tower, which is smaller and not as nice to play on as the kick on the TD-50

One of the freshest entries to the electronic drums market, Roland has made an instant success with the TD-27KV. This drum set offers high-end quality sound module and build quality while coming at a much lower price than the flagship models.

This article will dive into the features and most important things that you should know about the Roland TD27-KV.

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Before we get into it, check out the Roland TD-27KV in action:


TD-27KV is a part of a Roland V Drums family. This means that all of the components are made to mimic the playing feel of actual acoustic drums, from mesh heads to cymbals. Also, visually, these drums are much easier on the eye than the classic electronic drum sets.

This model comes with 14” snare drum and three 10” toms, as well as with bass pedal tower, 12” hi-hat and 12”, 13” and 18” cymbals. Some of these are taken off of older models, but a snare and the 18” ride cymbal are taken from the latest flagship model and that really adds to the overall feel of this drum.

Because they are the best that technology has to offer, they really elevate the overall playing feel and sound and give you unprecedented diversity in sound, as you can play them just as you could play any acoustic snare drum or cymbal.

Toms on this drum is made out of high-quality mesh, snare being triple-layered, and toms double-layered, giving them the playing feel and warmth of actual acoustic drums. Also, the great thing about the toms being 10” in size is that they are overall smaller and easier to carry than standard acoustic drums while keeping the look of the standard set.

The cymbals are made out of high-end plastic. You’ll notice that they can bend a little, just like standard cymbals, and beside the looks, this will also allow you to play for longer without as much stress on your hands as with some cheaper models of electronic drum sets.

As for hardware, TD-27KV comes with an MDS series rack, which will keep all of this tightly and in its place.


Let’s get onto one of the most important elements of this v-drum set, the TD-27 drum module (also referred to as the ‘drum brain’).

Even though this is not the top of the line module, it comes with many high-end features of the flagship model, packed in with some of the other nice features.

As far as the connectivity goes, in this model, you will find a total of seven ¼” jacks, SD card slot, USB jack, and a MIDI I/O, as well as the true game-changer – a Bluetooth connection. ¼” jacks are meant to be used in different ways as AUX inputs and outputs, allowing you to expand your drum set if need be.

The Bluetooth connection you can use in two different ways. First, you can use it as a recording device, allowing you to connect other devices and use your drum set as a MIDI controller.

Also, you can use it to stream audio on your drums, allowing you to play your backing songs as background while practicing and without the need to have another device present.

As for the build of the module itself, it comes with a big LED screen, as well as with loads of quality made buttons and knobs.

For the most time, you will use the central four knobs through which you can really easily control the sounds your drums make, both as a whole and each specific pad.


As for the sounds that come with this module, in TD27 you’ll get a total of 728 sounds, spread over 100 drum kits and 55 presets you can use. Big thing is that through the SD card, you can always upload your favorite sounds and implement them in your playing set. You can also connect this module to your computer through USB, allowing you to upload and change sounds that are on it.

Another big feature is the versatility of sound management once you get to know the module. Each pad can be accessed easily by simply hitting it once and then you can set it up as you like. You can change the instrument, set up the tuning, set the level of loudness, and add different effects to each and every one.

You can also set your cymbals to have different size and liveliness effects when played. This gives you all of the options you would have with an acoustic drum set, expanded with the best that the electronic drum world has to offer. 

Also, this set comes with the revolutionary Mic Simulator. This allows you to set your drums to sounds the same as if they were being recorded from different mics in different positions.

If you’ve ever been recording your drums, you know how much the sound can change from the slight tweaks of the microphones, and this feature allows you to finally set that option when playing your electronic drum set. 

One last big thing is user-friendliness. You know how complicated sound modules can get, right? Well, that’s not the case with TD-27.

It’s really easy to use it and the settings are so intuitive that you’ll hardly need to look at the manual after you’ve used it once, which is great when you have to quickly change something in the dark of the gig, or just want to make a quick adjustment mid-song.


Even though there are some top quality features on this drum set, the price is more than fair. A high-quality, mid-range drum set, TD-27KV will give you an array of options and features that come only with the flagship models, but for a smaller price.

This is a great buy for anyone looking to get a versatile, sturdy model that will last them for years and present them with the top quality sounds.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to buy a nice quality set, or a pro looking for a budget option, you should consider this as a strong candidate for your money spending.


This is a truly great, mid-range v-drums set that comes with surprisingly many options and features of the flagship models.

If you buy it, the chances are you will be using it for years to come, as it’s a joy to play.

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