The 5 Best Bass Drum Practice Pads of 2022

Bass drum practice pads offer a quiet and compact option to practice your drumming footwork. However, they’re not all created equal, which is why I put this list together.

There is a range of different options, including foldable bass drum practice pads that are very compact, pads for double pedals, and much more heavyweight options.

The 5 Best Bass Drum Practice Pads of 2022

1. Evans RealFeel Folding Bass Pedal Practice Pad
Our Top Pick - Great foldable practice pad with good rebound and double pedal space
2. Meinl Percussion MDPP Dynamic Pedal Pad
A lightweight bass drum practice pad with good adjustability.
3. Prologix Thunderkick - Bass Drum Pedal Practice Pad
A quiet and compact pad similar in design to the Roland KD-7 Kick controller
4. Pearl BD10 Bass Practice Pad
Standard foldable tower practice pad
5. Gibraltar Bass Drum Practice Pad
10” round shape tower practice pad with good cushioning

1. Evans RealFeel Folding Bass Pedal Practice Pad

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The Evans RealFeel folding bass pedal practice pad is my top pick. It ticks all the boxes as it works with both single and double bass drum pedals, can be folded down for easy storage and transport, and is relatively quiet to play on.

This bass drum practice pad has a natural gum finish with a fabric finish over it. This gives you a natural acoustic drum rebound to feel when playing and offers good durability.

This item is also foldable, making it great for taking on the road or keeping it home if you don’t have enough space.

It can also accommodate double pedals if you need that in your repertoire. Another great thing about it is the price—even though it gives you great build quality, you will not have to pay tons of money for it.

It’s a great buy whether you’re a beginner or a pro looking for extra practice outside of your kit time.

2. Meinl Percussion MDPP Dynamic Pedal Pad

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The Meinl Percussion MDPP pad is foldable, very lightweight, and easy to keep, as everything breaks apart and sets back up easily. You can set it up any way you like and adjust it from all angles through a very clever set of simple bolts.

The main feature of this pedal pad is its volume. You can play it very quietly if you wish, without having to compromise your practice in the process. It works with both single and double bass drum pedals.

3. Prologix Thunderkick – Bass Drum Pedal Practice Pad

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The Prologix Thunderkick is a very innovative and well-designed practice pad that is perfect for apartment practice. It doesn’t have a tower design like the rest of the items on this list. Instead, it’s a simple wooden box which has two separate foam inserts which you hit with a beater.

Changing through the inserts you can get to pick a soft or a harder response and all of it while being really quiet. Since it’s not a standard design item, you will get a reverse beater shaft in the box. The Thunderkick is made out of birch wood, with a very simple and nice design, and it has toe clamps and a rubber sole, preventing it from skidding on the floor when played.

This is a great buy for anyone looking to get a high-quality practice pad which is small, dependable, and gives you versatility when playing.

4. Pearl BD10 Bass Practice Pad

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The Pearl BD10 is a standard tower practice pad, but a very good quality one. It is foldable, so you can pack it up or take it with you on the road without it taking too much space.

It can fit double pedals for practice and it has a nice, big-hitting pad that muffles the sound well.

After some time, it can be a bit rattling, but all you need to do is tighten the bolts on it and it will be as good as new. The feel is very realistic and gives you a great way to practice playing an acoustic kick drum.

5. Gibraltar Bass Drum Practice Pad

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We finish off with the GBDP-10. This is a tower practice pad with a 10” playing surface. The surface is quite thick, so it will give you both a very quiet performance and a realistic feel for rebounding. It’s not foldable, but it can accommodate both single and double pedal systems.

The price of this is affordable, which makes it a perfect buy for those on a budget. It also has three spurs on the bottom which will help you attach it to carpeted surfaces when playing.

What Should You Look Out for When Buying a Bass Drum Practice Pad?

The most important thing for most drummers when choosing a bass drum practice pad is its noise level. These pads are used at home or on the move where you can’t have drums, so if you don’t want to upset your housemates or neighbors, you should try to get the one with the lowest noise level available.

You should also look out for the rebound and overall feel that the pad provides. Practicing on a pad that has too much rebound might not translate very well when playing on a real acoustic drum.

The pad should also be sturdy and adjustable. Compactness is also an important consideration for many drummers, as you might need to store it somewhere or take it on the road. Foldable drum pads are a very useful option in this case.

Why Use a Bass Drum Practice Pad?

Bass drum practice pads offer a quiet and compact option to practice your drum footwork.

Many drummers don’t have the luxury of having a drum set at their disposal daily for practice. And yet, everyday practice is the key to getting better as a musician.

With practice drum pads, you can practice in the peace and quiet of your home every day without the fuss from the people living around you. You can also take it on the road with you much more easily than you would the whole bass drum if need be.

Do Bass Drum Practice Pads Work With Double Bass Drum Pedals?

Many of the pads will have room to fit double bass drum pedals, but not all of them. Please check before buying if your pad fits double pedals.

Are Bass Drum Practice Pads Silent?

No, though they are pretty quiet. Most bass drum practice pads still cause vibrations and sounds that can be heard in other rooms. So, even though they are much quieter than playing an actual kick drum, they are still not completely quiet but are tOK for house use in most cases.


I hope that this article has helped you learn something new about bass drum practice pads and maybe pick the best one for you. They are a great thing to have in your home for everyday practice or as a backup version for practice when you’re on the road.

There are a lot of bass drum practice pads being produced, which fortunately means that you don’t need to splash out too much to get one.

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