DrumDial Review – Precision Drum Tuner


Value for money




Ease of Use


Sound quality



  • Makes tuning a lot quicker
  • Great for drummers that don't feel confident at drum tuning
  • Great for loud surroundings
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy, small, and well built


  • Analog model doesn't come with a backlight.
  • In our opinion: Still not as precise as a very well trained ear (but the DrumDial gives you a very good start)

If there’s one common thing that many drummers feel inferior about, it’s tuning drums! Drum tuning can be quite a difficult task to get the hang of, and the Drum Dial makes this process quite a bit easier.

The Drum Dial is useful drum tuner for drummers that measures drum head tension so that you can tune your acoustic drums with ease.

A needle inside this drum tuner displays the tension measurement. It’s a great way to get your drum heads tuned quickly and consistently.

The drum dial is quite precise and it can display minimal differences in tension with very good accuracy.

The Drum Dial comes in both analog and digital versions that will show you digital display instead of needle.

Construction & Quality


The Drumdial is well made and you will get reliable and sturdy device that will help you along the way. 

You can imagine it as a reverse scale that measures pressure from the bottom of the device, which is different from regular ones that are scaling on the top. You have to place it on the drumhead, approximately one or two inches from the surface of the lug. 

You have noticed that it has straightforward appearance, and even though the digital ones are latest and they are easier to read, analog ones are also convenient for usage. 

Within the package, you will get hard black case, and since you will travel with this particular device, the fact will make sure that it remains intact along the way.

Perfect for Drum Tuning


Finally, you will be able to use it for an entire drum set. The idea is that you can quickly tune bass drums, rack toms, timpani, and snare drums without even hitting the drumhead, which is revolutionary approach that will save you plenty of time. 

The central principle that it uses is Tympanic Pressure, which is not tension similarly to other types of drum tuning. Finally, you will have the ability to appreciate the chance of accurately tuning your drums every single time you decide, even in loud environments. 

You will get a locking bezel that will comprise moveable locators so that you can easily mark your tuning range. This is the way it functions, and you should check out user manual before you start so that you can learn how to do it. 

Apart from that, you will get a lug back that will improve your handling so that you can place it near the drum and measure tympanic pressure.

The tuner also contains simple to read gauge as well as the precise mechanism, so that you can enjoy an accurate and fast tuning wherever you are. 

It is perfect solution for students, teachers, professionals and studio musicians that want to improve the convenience of tuning by using this particular gadget.


Alternative Option: Digital Drum Dial

Apart from the analog model that features scale so that you can determine the pressure and tune your drums. On the other hand, you will notice that digital Drum Dial comes with an advanced and new look. 

It is simpler to read, and you will get handy backlight, which is vital during the gigs and studio plays. The best thing about it is the ability to enjoy exceptional tuning performance. The analog ones can be troublesome to see during concerts with low lighting. 

Now, with digital, you will get neon orange backlight, and everything will be clear wherever you are.

How to Use Drum Dial?

You can start by detuning all heads and retuning them back in very low tension, which will allow you to accurately measure the pressure and find the perfect balance between tones. As soon as you reach the sweet spot, you should start using Drum Dial. 

Some drummers are using it only in the later tuning process to increase accuracy and precision You should start with snare and move it around each drum with the idea to check various tensions. 

Check out this YouTube video, so that you can learn more on advice and settings that you will get with Drum Dial.

Our Verdict

  • Value For Money – 9/10 – One of the main selling points of Drum Dial is the ability to get it for an affordable price tag. It’s very cheap when you have in mind the durability and efficiency that you will get with this particular device.
  • Accuracy – 9/10 – The Drum Dial is very precise and accurate, which is revolutionary approach that will save you both effort and time and allow you to quickly enjoy your playing. 
  • Ease Of Use – 8/10 – Very easy to use. It’s definitely worth reading the manual and checking out some videos on it, but it’s simple to get up and running.
  • Quality – 9/10 – The Drum Dial is great product that will help you more accurately tune your drums. It is sturdy device with good build quality, and when you hold it in hands, you will see that it will not break too easily. You should be able to use this for years after purchase.


We have presented you comprehensive review on Drum Dial, which is a great drum tuner that will help you tune your drums in matter of minutes. If you’re not very confident at tuning drums then this is a great solution!

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In case you have additional questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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