Roland TD-50 – The New Roland Flagship Electronic Drum Set

Roland-td-50-electronic-drum-set-reviewRoland has recently announced their new flagship electronic drum set. This is further bridging the gap between acoustic drum sets from the TD-30, the previous Roland flagship model. This is such an exciting new product into the world of electronic drumming. The technology is a big step forward and it is really built to improve the feel and sensitivity of the drums.

This is a big electronic drum set. It resembles an acoustic set and is going to look amazing on stage. The technology is finally ready to enable it. The TD-50 comes with a triggered electronic drum head that can be added to any acoustic drum head.The kit also includes a 14-inch full sized snare head, with a deep shell. It looks amazing and features a great new mesh head. This is important, as the strength and quality of the head needed to be improved for this increased snare size.

This kit featured digital drum pad technology inside the new Roland pads. Up until now, pads were actually analog and triggered digital signals. These new pads will are only compatible with the TD-50 drum module. The pads use USB technology and communicate digitally through this.

The Ride is 18-inch size. With the new digital technology, the range, variety, and depth of sticking have now dramatically improved. This will come as a big improvement to drummers looking to get a much more realistic feel out of their cymbal. One awesome feature is that you can simply touch your hand over the surface of the ride cymbal to muffle it as it is ringing. This is such a cool advancement to the old style choke cymbal detectors.

The drum module has a new digital triggering engine, improved processing power. The module allows you to really hone in on your perfect drum and cymbal sounds. For example, through the controls and screen display, you can easily control the simulated size, thickness, muffling, pitch, ping level, microphone position of the cymbals and more. The simulated mic position and room level allow you to control the ambiance and reverb sound of your kit. Roland has coined what is know as their Prismatic Sound Modelling in this new drum module, which they say improves the response, expressiveness, and dynamics of the module, compared to previous models.

td-50-sound-moduleA great addition, it finally allows for user sample imports! This is a massive step forward for Roland. The lack of user samples has been a complaint for many power electronic drum users over the years. The reasoning was that processing power and triggering technology was simply not good enough to deliver a good performance and feel of custom sampling. However, the technology is now here and it is possible to import your own samples. The samples are imported into memory on the drum module. This massively improves the processing abilities to work on those samples. It is possible to record your own acoustic drum set as samples in the studio and then load these as samples onto your TD-50 electronic drum set. This is such a cool and welcome feature.

For the studio drummer and producers, the drum module includes a lot of features that would otherwise have to be done on Ableton or sound production software. The module allows for layering of default and custom samples together, as well as processing the sound to change the rate of attack for example. These type of features will be especially cool for pop and electronic drummers, that need to get a sound above what is possible with an acoustic drum set. For sound outputs, the drum module contains XLR outputs as well as jack outputs for each pad that can go straight into the mixer.

Roland is one of the top names in electronic drums sets. This new flagship model is a really exciting prospect and is further pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology in the electronic drumming world. I’m really excited to see how this develops even further, and how it will push their competitors (particularly Yamaha) to come out with even more exciting electronic drum sets.

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Check out this video of the Roland TD-50 in action, it is a really impressive piece of kit!


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