The 4 Best Low Volume Cymbals for Quiet Playing (2020)

Low volume cymbals have become very popular in recent years for a very good reason. They retain the feel of playing acoustic cymbals, while dramatically reducing the volume. That can protect your hearing, while keeping family and neighbors happy! You get to play on cymbals that are a lot bit quieter without rubber cymbal mufflers … Read more

Samantha Maloney (Hole, Mötley Crüe, EODM, Peaches)

New York City-native Samantha Maloney is approaching her 45th birthday and her 17th year as a professional drummer in many different bands and projects. From the legendary riot band Hole to world-famous Mötley Crüe, playing for Eagles of Death Metal and Joan Jett too, Maloney proved herself a versatile and talented drummer, able to grasp … Read more

The Life and Drumming of The Who’s Keith Moon

There was one distinctive and energizing element in the music of British rock band The Who we cannot get back: Keith Moon’s drumming. A genius drummer, unfortunately so prone to self-destructive behaviors and addiction, Keith Moon was one of the greatest musicians of his generation. He blended energy, innovation, and an authentic rock’n’roll vibe in … Read more

Loopcloud 5 – Our Comprehensive Review

I’ve been using Loopcloud for the last few weeks and I’m hugely impressed by it. Its DAW integration and software could dramatically change how you work with samples for the better. We were given some free points on Loopcloud to try out the service in order to review it. However, I am giving you my … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Drums

Acrylic drums have transparent shells while offering a punchy sound. They allow the audience to actually see the drummer while adding a whole new level of style to your set. We’re going to go through some of the best modern acrylic drum sets available to buy online. Acrylic drum sets are back in fashion with … Read more

Zak Starkey – Ringo Starr’s Son & Drummer of The Who

Being the child of a celebrity is not always a bed of roses, especially when you decide to follow in your talented parent’s footsteps. It can be pretty daunting, after all, to bear the weight of a big name on your shoulder. However, Zac Starkey, the son of the more-than-legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, can … Read more

Cocktail Drum Sets – All You Need to Know

Cocktail drum sets are an easy fix for a small spaces. They are convenient for smaller bands and for drummers that want a kit that’s easy to set up and pack down. When you see these drums, you can picture smokey cocktail lounges with bebop jazz playing softly in the background. Even though those days … Read more