The 6 Best Roland Electronic Drum Sets – Our Pick (2022)

roland electronic drum sets

Roland are one of the best brands for electronic drums. Today we are going to show you our top 5 round-up of their best sets currently available in the market.

Electronic drums are quickly changing, with competing brands quickly bringing out new sets to try to get the top spot (check out our guide on the best electronic drum sets to see our top picks).

We have included Roland drum sets for all levels, including their exciting V-Drums acoustic design set.

Note: All of these sets are compatible with double-bass drum pedals (though in most cases, these need to be purchased separately. For more information, check out our guide on double bass electronic drum sets)

The 6 Best Roland Electronic Drums of (2022) – Our Pick

1. Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK
Entry-Level - Roland's most affordable entry-level kit
2. Roland V-Drums TD-17KVX
Mid-Level - Great for intermediate and advanced players
3. Roland V-Drums TD-27KV
Mid/Pro - High quality snare and drum module
4. Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD506
Pro Option - Impressive hybrid drum set from Roland
5. Roland V-Drums TD-50KVX
Pro Option - Roland's flagship electronic drum set
6. Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD706
Pro Option - Top-of-the-line hybrid drum set from Roland

1. Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK

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If you’re looking for a beginner’s set or just want a cheap and reliable electronic drum set, then TD-1DMK is the right choice for you. With this set you’ll get 5 drum pads and 3 cymbal pads, which are all made with Roland’s dual-layer mesh technology, giving you the best feel while playing.

As for the brains of this operation, you’ll get a TD-1 drum module, a basic, 15 presets Roland module, which has MIDI and USB connection, so you can connect it to your computer and upload any sounds you want to your drums.

This is a great investment for anyone looking to start playing the drums at a smaller price or just anyone living in a small space who wants something as quiet and small as possible while practicing the drums. Learn more about this set in our Roland TD-1DMK review.

This e-drum set is quite compact, which is great if you’re looking to save space. However, if you want something that’s going to take up a bit more space, then keep reading!

2. Roland V-Drums TD-17KVX

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The TD-17KVX is a nice mid-range model that has the best of both worlds combined in it. It combines out of 5 pads (snare 12” and three 8” toms) and 3 cymbals, with tunable mesh pads that will give you the feel of the real acoustic drums, same as the previous model.

As for the module, here we have TD17 drum module, which will give you much more versatility when playing the drums and the feel of the much more expensive drums.

It comes with 50 presets and more than 300 different percussion sounds, as well as more than 30 different effects and a 3-band EQ which is all readily accessible. For electronic drums this is a lower mid-range price, for which you’ll get a glimpse of what is happening in the upper classes and great sound quality as well. Learn more in our Roland TD-17KVX review.

3. Roland V-Drums TD-27KV

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The TD-27KV is the first on this list that has a full-sized snare e-drum (but still has smaller toms), as well as the realistic cymbal pads as well. This kit will give you a real feel, especially on the snare drum, and looks more like the real deal when on stage.

The TD27 module is close to the flagship models as it packs many of the essential features that the TD-50 module contains. Read more in our Roland TD-27KV review.

4. Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD506

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The VAD506 is the original flagship kit from Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD506 (though the release of the VAD706, which we have listed below, now puts it in second place in this series) that is made to have a complete acoustic look and feel while playing. This means that the VAD506, instead of having pads and triggers, has full-sized drums shells. This allows for the drums to be played the same as you would play acoustic drums.

As for the module, it’s the same module (TD27) as the previous set on this list has. As we mentioned, it has most of the options that the flagship modules have and it will last you for years to come.

5. Roland V-Drums TD-50KVX

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The Roland TD-50KVX is a top of the line electronic drum set that shows everything that the technology has to offer at this time. It’s a high-budget kit but you can be sure that you’re buying the best of the best on the market and that this investment will last for a very long time.

This set is powered by TD50 module, which gives you Prismatic Sound Modelling and an unprecedented level of versatility when playing and recording. Learn more about this range in our Roland TD-50 review.

6. Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD706

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The VAD706 is the flagship V-Drums Acoustic Design kit from Roland. The VAD706 definitely offers an amazing drumming experience and outperforms its predecessor, the VAD506. However, it is certainly not cheap!

It gives you the best of both worlds: the versatility and technology of an electronic drum paired with the impressive look and feel of an acoustic set. The VAD706 makes that possible with its premium lacquered shells combined with its multi-zone V-Cymbals and an innovative digital snare, ride, and hi-hats. 

To top it all off, it is equipped with TD-50X drum module, a powerhouse module that works well with the precision multi-sensors of its digital snare, ride, and hi-hat.

Learn more about this electronic drum set in our Roland VAD706 review.

Should you buy new or used?

Should you buy a new or old Roland electronic drum set, we go through the pros and cons here.

If you’re willing to do your research and have some patience, you might be able to get a great deal on a recent model by looking at the used market. Try to buy an e-drum set at least within the previous generation of products or the one before that. Then you’ll be getting something that has pretty up to date technology, and you might have the chance to get it at a good price.

If you’re looking for the absolute best Roland e-drum set, then it’s often very difficult to find used versions of the current models, simply because they haven’t been out for long enough. In this case, going for a new drum set might be a better option, but it will cost you extra.

Also, beware of scams. If the used-deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Pros of buying a used e-drum set:

  • You can often get a higher-end model for your price.
  • Cheaper cost.
  • Sometimes you can buy extended e-drum sets that have been customized.
  • If you do your research, you might be able to get a pretty recent model at a cheaper price.

Cons of buying a used e-drum set:

  • You might be buying an older gear, which doesn’t have the features of current models.
  • The drum module might be old and not as good as standard ones.
  • It might take some patience to wait until a good deal is available.
  • The drum heads and pads might be inferior to current ones (e.g. the current high-end kits have great, big mesh snare pads and great cymbal pads)
  • The kit might be faulty or partially faulty.
  • Probably no warranty or a very limited one.


We hope that you’ve learned what’s what in the world of Roland electronic drums. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a cheap and easy way to get started or a professional musician looking for the best sound possible, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this list.

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